Early 70s rock meets 90s Grunge

What starts out as a kind of heroin-induced riff, complete with drums that come in an equally narcoleptic beat, this seductive, odd, semi-meandering mix of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer updated with Mother Love Bone and Green Day is all the more impressive given that it’s a father-son duo—and the son’s still a teenager too young to play in any club.

The most impressive thing about them isn’t just their music—which is wholly original—but the confidence. They switch tone, tempo, direction with the utmost ease and self-assurance. Part of which no doubt stems from a Why the fuck not attitude—which in turn probable stems from son Nicholas Jewell being too young to know whatever rules there are that he should be adhering to. (Kudos to dad Mike for being just as game to go wherever it is the music takes them.) The lo-fi approach also works very much in their favor, and the lyrics have much more bite than you’d think for a song that’s more about taking a journey and taking you somewhere different than being something you can package up and put into a box.

Song Review by Devon Jackson